Donkey Kong Country [mobil Game]

We see this with a lot of games today that are praised for high-end graphics,
even if the gameplay is mediocre.
While the gameplay isn't bad, it isn't very great, especially considering other
platformers of its time. Nothing really stands out in terms of levels or gameplay,
especially in its sequels. Everything just feels generic.Now don't get me wrong,
it is a good game. It just fails in comparison to Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island,
and Sonic the Hedgehog. Donkey Kong Country sold so well simply because its graphics
were fantastic, but if you reveal the man behind the curtain, you can see its age.
Here's the big testament to this. Pull out Donkey Kong Country and play it a bit.
Then pull out Super Mario World. I did this and the differences were made.
Whereas Super Mario World continues to impress well over ten years after its debut,
Donkey Kong Country clearly shows its age. And in this state in the Video Game
Industry where gameplay is taking superiority over graphics,
age can be a bad thing.

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